Athletics at DIA

Promoting a culture of wellness, physical fitness, teamwork, discipline and confidence.

Building a Bridge
Between School,
Home, & Community

Committed to fostering effective teaching and learning through a collaborative culture among all stakeholders.

Celebrating Diversity in a Safe Space

Prioritising the safety and well-being of every student by cultivating a global mindset rooted in inclusivity and open-minded communication.

Empowering a Personalised Learning Journey

Acknowledging the uniqueness of each learner by providing support through diverse resources to create an inclusive environment where every child can thrive at their own pace.

Healthy Living

DIA's approach towards Physical & Health Education is supported through the curriculum and the extra curricular program.

Discover our Athletics Programme

DIA offers a diverse range of athletic activities, from mentally stimulating sports to physically challenging competitions.


Football is offered as a competitive league, as well as at a development level.


Taught from K - 10 once a week, as well as at a competitive and development level through the extra curricular program.


Basketball is offered as a competitive league, as well as at a development level.


Volleyball is offered as a competitive league, as well as at a development level.


Tennis is offered through the extra curricular program.

Track & Field

Skills are taught through the curriculum, and offered through the extra curricular program.

Koomail Aziz

Class of 2020, Bsc Biomedical
Sciences, Brunel University

Vaibhav Bhatia

Class of 2020, Canadian Flight

Hana El Attar

Class of 2022, Bachelor
of Psychology - The British
University in Egypt

Words from the DIA Family

“DIA boosted my confidence and honed my public speaking skills, allowing me to address diverse audiences. Grateful for the many abilities nurtured at DIA.”

Words from the DIA Family

"DIA helped me develop the necessary skills required for the real world setting a strong foundation for my future."

Words from the DIA Family

“DIA paved the way for my academic success in university as it helped me stand out in comparison to my peers. It has also helped build my character, like making me more open-minded, which helped me make new friends and step out of my comfort zone by joining various extracurricular activities.”

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About Us

Founded in 2003, DIA is an IB School focused on the holistic development of students through a comprehensive curriculum and partnership between school, home, and community.


DIA is committed to ensuring a fair, equitable, and transparent process for admissions, access, and transition into the school.

Life @ DIA

Offering a broad range of learning opportunities through experiential learning & extra-curricular activities beyond the classroom.