Nurturing Internationally Minded Life Long Learners

DIA offers a continuum of internationally recognized education that encourages both personal development and academic achievement.

Our Guiding Statements.

DIA is committed to providing high quality learning, teaching, and developing global citizens.

Our Mission

Dar es Salaam International Academy develops internationally-minded lifelong learners through a well balanced, holistic curriculum and a partnership between school, home, and community.

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Our Vision

To provide progressive, engaging, and relevant educational opportunities for a diverse range of learners to succeed.

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Our Philosophy

DIA is committed to:

  • Safety & Well Being.
  • Creating an inclusive personalized learning space.
  • Respectful, open-minded communication and collaboration.
  • Student Agency through choice, voice, and service-learning.
  • Delivering an inquiry-driven concept based curriculum.
  • Providing challenging and student-centered learning.
  • Integrating Arts and Technology.
  • Data-driven decision making.

Academic Excellence

​​High-quality learning at DIA is demonstrated by:

  • Participation in open-minded, authentic, and constructive communication.
  • Effective engagement, interest, and a commitment to learning.
  • Development and application of Approaches to Learning skills.
  • Higher-order thinking, problem solving, and inquiry.
  • Exploring challenging and unfamiliar content and contexts.
  • Regular and purposeful reflection.

Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship at DIA is demonstrated by:

  • Providing opportunities to learn about cultures and languages.
  • Teaching skills on planning to advocate action.
  • Creating an environment of open-mindedness, tolerance, and equality.
  • Building partnerships with local and global organizations.
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DIA’s Core Values

DIA demonstrates its commitment to nurturing global-minded citizens by upholding its core values.

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DIA promotes a sense of belonging through intercultural awareness, respect, and open-mindedness.

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DIA values the relationship between school and home through implementing an open-door environment.

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Diversity and inclusivity are embedded in DIA’s nurturing and student-centered environment.