Student Services:
Promoting Inclusion

DIA recognizes the individuality of all learners to develop at their own pace, and supports this through access and equal opportunities.

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Access and Equal Opportunity


What is Student Services?

At DIA the term Student Services is utilized for both the team as well as the support provided to students and staff.

What kind of support services are provided?

Support services include, but are not limited to:

  • Push In support for students who require additional accommodations to access the mainstream curriculum.
  • Pull out support for students who require more 1:1 support to access the mainstream curriculum.
  • Development and implementation of Individualized Education Plans.
  • English Language Learning support.

How is student monitoring conducted?

Each department (Primary/Secondary) has one Head of Student Services. The Head of Student Services is pivotal in analyzing and leading the support of student learning and directly manages the Learning Support Assistants, as well as any paraprofessionals within the department.

What type of documentation does DIA require?

For students requiring access support and indivdualized plans, the school will require up to date psychometric assessments, and any IEP's available from their current school if applicable.

What if my child requires a paraprofessional?

DIA supports families to find and hire paraprofessionals through guidelines. Paraprofessionals are supervised by the Head of Student Services when in school. Paraprofessionals are employed by each individual family, not by the school.