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DIA seeks professional, innovative and passionate educators dedicated to imparting exceptional education to students.

Opportunities at DIA

DIA is committed to implementing safe and unbiased hiring practices. DIA hires staff regardless of sex, nationality, religion or race. Appointment of a candidate is based solely on merit and best-fit with DIA's guiding statements, and requirements for experience and knowledge. The recruitment process will be conducted in a manner that promotes diversity, inclusivity, and equal opportunity.

Positions 2024/25 AY:
- Visual Arts Middle School

Recruitment Policy

Our Culture

DIA fosters an inclusive, vibrant atmosphere through transparent communication, empathy, and collaborative partnerships among school, home, and community — cultivating holistic growth by shaping accomplished, globally-minded citizens.

Our Values at DIA

Our Secure Hiring Process

Adhering to the CIS Code of Ethics for Safe Recruitment practices, DIA requires prospective candidates to undergo background checks in the form of police clearances, social media checks, and references from their current employer and supervisor.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

DIA upholds its commitment to unbiased hiring practices, ensuring the selection of staff is independent of sex, nationality, religion, or race. Candidate appointments solely hinge on merit, alignment with DIA's guiding statements, along with experience and knowledge prerequisites.

Collaborative Hiring

At DIA, our hiring process adopts a collaborative approach with diverse stakeholders sharing insights to ensure a comprehensive, informed, and inclusive selection that is aligned with our commitment to excellence and equity.

Key Contacts

Mr. Gurvinder Jaswant

Secondary Principal
Ms. Fawzya Hirji

Primary Principal
Ms. Shaista Juma

Executive Director